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June 13 - 15, 2013

Saskatoon, SK

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Preliminary Program


February 17, 2013
From K. Tsianina Lomawaima, NAISA President 2012-2013

Please check this Preliminary Program carefully for mistakes in spelling of names, title words, and incomplete institutional affiliations. Quirks in this year’s online Abstract Collector rendered any fonts marked by diacritics into gibberish. To correct mistakes, please contact:
Katherine Brooks

DEADLINE for changes March 30, 2013

Do not reference mistakes by page number, but by session number. Corrections will be made on copy to be used to produce the final Program, but the Preliminary Program WILL NOT BE continuously updated with corrections. The final Program will be available online to all those registered for the meeting.

Scheduling of sessions by day/time slots cannot be changed at this point.

Tips for Reading and Using the Preliminary Program:

  • Sessions highlighted in magenta require audiovisual equipment necessary to project DVD/CD films with sound projection. These sessions will be scheduled in appropriately equipped rooms. If you are scheduled in one of these sessions and require VIDEO projection equipment, please let Tsianina Lomawaima know as soon as possible:
  • Names and institutional affiliations that were garbled by the Abstract Collector are highlighted in yellow (at least those we caught). Please contact us to let us know correct spellings and affiliations: email Katherine Brooks
  • Standard AV/audiovisual: ALL breakout rooms will be equipped with computers and computer projectors to enable use of Powerpoint. Internet connectivity and sound projection is NOT standard in all of the break-out rooms.
  • To find where you are scheduled in the Program, use the “FIND” feature on Adobe Acrobat .pdf reader, and enter your last name
  • The Preliminary Program is not fully formatted as it will appear in the final Program, please do not worry about formatting
  • Some, but NOT ALL of the social events and evening events are listed in the Preliminary Program
  • The letters and numbers after each session title indicate the type of session: P = panel submitted by organizer; R = Roundtable; F = film screening; S = panel created by NAISA Council from submitted individual papers; SE = Special Event.

Chair assignments for NAISA Council-organized panels are not all finalized; if you have questions about Chair assignments or would like to volunteer, please contact LeAnne Howe at

If you must withdraw from the Program due to illness or emergency, please contact your panel Chair (if listed) and the NAISA Program Committee c/o Tsianina Lomawaima